It is recommended that personnel from FACT accredited cellular therapy clinical programs, collection facilities, processing facilities, and cord blood banks have FACTWeb account. FACT encourages all parties interested in FACT accreditation activities create a FACTWeb account to receive updates about the cellular therapy community.

A FACTWeb account keeps you connected with FACT and allows you to receive the latest updates and events from FACT.

FACTWeb also provides access to:
• Accreditation tools and tips
• Standards and guidance
• Workshop registration
• Webinars
• Tutorials
• FACT e-news and newsletter

In the FACTWeb login area, click the ‘Forgot your password’ link and follow the instructions to receive your username and password via email.
Obtain Password

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FACT’s Facebook page allows FACT to provide another method to reach our constituents with current news and events. All information on FACT’s Facebook page may be found on our regular website.

Another alternative to receive the latest updates from FACT would be to subscribe to our RSS Feed.