Annual Compliance

FACT Annual Compliance Process

Each year, all FACT Board members, committee and task force members, inspectors, and volunteers must review and update applicable information to ensure FACT records are current. Notifications will be distributed annually when updates are due.

1. Gather the following documents and information:

  • Current curriculum vitae or resume in electronic format
  • For inspectors who are physicians (MD, DO, MBBS)
    • Medical license verification link or electronic copy of current medical license
    • Professional liability claim/suit information

2. Review the following information:

3. The survey includes questions and /or information on:

  • Current curriculum vitae or resume
  • Copyright assignment
  • Confidentiality
  • Conflict of Interest
  • For inspectors who are physicians (MD, DO, MBBS):
    • Current licensure/registrations
    • Professional liability claim/suit information

If you have questions or need to complete FACT Annual Compliance contact FACT at 402-920-7001 or