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Possibly the greatest benefit of serving as an inspector is the opportunity to give back to the field of cellular therapy and regenerative medicine. Inspectors help accredited organizations provide patients the best care possible.

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FACT has over 200 active inspectors.

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Annual Requirements

The following activities are required annually to maintain active FACT Inspector status:

  • FACT Conflict of Interest & Acknowledgements
    This includes the following information:
    • Confidentiality Policy
    • Copyright Policy
    • Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Conflict of Interest questionnaire
      • Clinicians only: Professional liability claim/suit information

Inspectors:Heart and Soul of FACT

The achievements of FACT are attributed to the generosity of our volunteers in lending their time and expertise to the accreditation process.

A sincere thank you to all our volunteers. Your excellence drives our success!

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Resources to aid FACT Inspectors in preparing, organizing, and conducting on-site inspections.

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