Inspector Benefits

Inspector Benefits

FACT is committed to serving its inspectors and providing resources not only for conducting inspections, but also for improving their own organizations’ practices.

Possibly the greatest benefit of serving as an inspector is the opportunity to give back to the field of cellular therapy and regenerative medicine.

Exposure to Exemplary Practices

As an inspector, your staff can observe how other facilities meet FACT Standards. Inspectors bring home new ideas from the facilities they inspect and their interaction with experts on their inspection team. Inspectors have the opportunity to network with peers for ideas, questions, and collaboration. There’s also evidence that organizations that don’t have an inspector have more difficulty complying with current standards.

Contributions to Standards Development

As an inspector, you will discover a variety of ways to meet FACT Standards. Also, Programs with inspectors on their staff have greater opportunity to contribute to the development of FACT Standards. The opinions of FACT inspectors are always sought early in the process of developing new editions of standards and accreditation requirements. Eligibility of key FACT committees also requires that members be, or have been, a FACT inspector.

Free Access to FACT Educational Resources

Volunteer inspectors have free access to both in-person and online educational events with an annual value of $2,000.

Professional Development

Your staff will appreciate your recognition of their skills and experience when you suggest that they become a FACT inspector. That helps with staff retention. “FACT Inspector” also looks great on a curriculum vitae.

Other Benefits:

  • Developing professional skills and accomplishments
  • Traveling domestically and internationally
  • Utilizing online tools and resources created just for inspectors
  • Taking advantage of opportunities to serve on FACT committees

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