New Year, New Us 

A Word from FACT's Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to 2022. The new year has ushered in many exciting changes for FACT and is certain to be a pivotal year in our organizational history. As we begin our new journey as an independent entity, I want to thank all of FACT’s volunteers, inspectors, committee members, board of directors, and staff for their unwavering dedication and outstanding contributions. FACT would certainly not be where it is today without all our supporting cast. Each person brings unique qualities and attributes that ensure a knowledgeable, diligent, and compassionate organization.

While we are likely to experience some challenges during this period of transition, it also provides an opportunity for everyone to take time for reflection, provide input, identify opportunities for improvement, and be purposeful in setting the new trajectory for FACT.

The leadership of FACT embarked upon a deep examination of current accreditation activities, exploration of new services and educational resources to offer our accredited and applicant programs, opportunities to attract additional talent, and strategies to support FACT’s growth. Commitment to the process was fueled by the goal of continuing to position FACT as the leader in the field of standards development and enable us to be even more responsive to the rapidly changing field of cellular therapy.

While change brings uncertainty, it also brings opportunities. Included with the transition to an autonomous organization, was the opportunity to refresh FACT’s visual identity and presence. During the period of pandemic fatigue, FACT embraced the chance to create a new branding strategy that conveys a sense of serenity. Now we emerge from the pandemic with a new website using shades of azure and a clean modern look. Our new signature ribbon includes blue, teal, and navy curves to evoke a sense of fluidity and movement reflective of the changing, expanding, and evolving field of cellular therapies.

What does remain constant is the recognizable red FACT icon. The traditional red color stands out against the calmer colors symbolizing strength and tradition.

In addition to the visual transformation, the new website domain and email addresses, depict the continued international expansion of FACT. Collaborations with our partners in Europe, Latin America, Brazil, Australia, India, and the Asia-Pacific are aiding in the improvement of quality systems and patient safety across the globe. Make sure to update your bookmarks to to stay connected.

Finally, my greatest hope for 2022 is the opportunity for everyone to see each other in person once again at the professional society meetings of ASTCT, ISCT, ASFA, CBA, and ASH. Looking forward to reconnecting with all of you!

With gratitude,

Linda Miller, MPA

FACT Chief Executive Officer